Who We Are?

Hopeberry Kids Clinic caters all Services related to Paediatrics and its Specialities which include Pediatrics, Neonatology( Newborn care), Ped Neurology, Ped Nephrology, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pediatric Surgery.

Dr. Arjun SK has Completed MBBS, MD paediatrics from JJM Medical College, Davanagere, Fellowship in Perinatal Medicine(Neonatology) from MS Ramaiah medical college. he is Well versed in all aspects of Paediatrics and Neonatology. He is passionate about improving quality of health care and strongly believes in practicing evidence based medicine.

The idea is to help the parents in letting their child reach
his/her true potential!

Our Treatments

We try and avoid unnecessary antibiotics, injections, nebulization, vaccines, lab tests and hospitalization
even when some parents demand these! We are not in favor of over medication and completely support and promote natural body immunity

General Pediatrics

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Immunization Service

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NewBorn Follow up

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Lactation Services/ Technique

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Infectious disease

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Gunshot Ear Piercing

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Child Growth & Development

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Child Behaviour & Psychology

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The child supplies the power but the parents have to do the steering.

1. Meeting With Your Paediatrician

At different stages of your child's growth and Development, you will need to make appointment to meet your Paediatrician.

“It's as easy
as 1-2-3-4

2. Breast Feeding is not a choice, its a choice

Give mother's milk to every baby immediately after birth, In the long term, breastfeed babies have less chances of developing allergies, Obesity and have more IQ.

4. Massage Touch Therapy

Touch is considered absolutely essential for growth and development of a neonate.

3. Bath for the new born

WHO guidelines mention that the initial bath for term new born should be given 6 hours after birth.

We create the atmosphere you wish
to offer to your child and friends.

Our Facilities

With our expert, we make sure to give your child the best care with all tenderness.
The child care clinic is well equipped and provides for any medical aid that may be required for the child.

Childhood Vaccination

All children and adolescents in India, whether they were born here or have recently arrived , deserve the health protecting and life saving gift of vaccination.


We provide quick, accurate results and work on ONE VISIT,ONE POKE model. They work with each child and their family to try to only have to insert needle one time.


Our Pharmacists are a partner in your child care. They ensure the right child receives the right medication in the right dose by the right route at the right time.

Ear Piercing

We do sterile, Painless Gunshot Ear piercing to all age groups ranging from infants to toddlers and adolescents to adults.


A nebulizer is a special device that warms or otherwise changes a liquid solution into a fine mist that's easy to inhale.

Play Area

We have made a colourful play area to keep kids occupied , so that they can be occupied in a play till their turn comes up for consultation.


Messages of Thanks

We create the atmosphere you wish
to offer to your child.